Top 10 reasons to try our marshmallows

  1. They are, quite simply, delicious. Like no marshmallow you will ever have tried before.
  2. They come in flavours you can only have dreamt of.....intensely fruity....made with freeze dried passion fruit powder....or raspberry....or dreamy salted caramel, or covered in a crisp shell of Belgian Milk Chocolate...
  3. It's not just me saying it. This is what Gregg Wallace, Masterchef judge had to say “Beautifully light and fluffy, these marshmallows from Belinda Clark are an absolute delight.”
  4. They are fat free. Unless you eat the ones with chocolate on.
  5.  They are gluten and dairy free. For those of a sensitive disposition. And unless you eat the ones with chocolate on.
  6.  Even people who don't like marshmallows like these. Go on - be daring.
  7. They come in very pretty packaging.
  8. They are hand made in small batches by someone who cares.
  9. They are delicious.
  10. Did I mention they are delicious.
  11.  I wrote this because there are so many 'top 10's' that I thought it was a good idea. Although that makes 11. Oops.

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