The History of Marshmallow

The History of Marshmallow

Did you know that marshmallows actually originated in Egypt? They were made with the sap of the Marshmallow plant - Althaea Officinalis - which grows in salt marshes and near large bodies of water.

It was the French who changed the use of marshmallows In the mid 1800s from medicinal to more of a treat. They also discovered that gelatine was an easier to use and more reliable ingredient to help marshmallow set, and so the modern day pink and white marshmallow was born.

So what’s a ‘gourmet marshmallow’?

In more recent years, confectioners have started to experiment with marshmallow, adding different ingredients and flavourings to create something really quite exciting - a reinvention of marshmallow as a delicious treat for grown ups.

About Belinda Clark Gourmet Marshmallows

Our marshmallows are super light and fluffy, and hand made in small batches using high quality all natural ingredients. We are all about the flavour and the texture - each recipe takes time to develop so that is the best we can make it. All our marshmallows are gluten free and many are fat free too - naturally.

We are proud to be sole supplier of marshmallows to Fortnum & Mason, as well as a range of other lovely shops across the UK.

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