Chilled Alternatives to Hot Coffee

Chilled Alternatives to Hot Coffee

Coffee is only getting more and more popular, and in Britain coffee consumption has surpassed even tea in the last few years. Even if you’re not a fan of the natural bitter taste of many coffee drinks, there are plenty of options better suited to those of us with a sweet tooth. 

Coffee Varieties

The list of coffee variations and coffee-based beverages is almost endless, but like most drinks they can be separated into two main categories: iced and hot.  While hot is more traditional, iced coffee has also gained plenty of popularity, especially for sweeter blends.  One of the most popular versions of iced coffee is the frappucino, which is iced coffee blended with condensed milk, cream, and flavoured syrups, then enhanced by additives like crushed-up cookies or chocolate chips.  It’s often topped with cream, too, making it the perfect sweet treat on a hot day.  

Iced Coffee

While it might sound quite self-explanatory, even iced coffee comes in different forms depending on how it’s brewed.  Iced coffee is simply regular hot coffee which has then been iced, meaning that the coffee beans are brewed in hot water before having ice added to cool it down.  This can be done for any kind of coffee drink traditionally consumed hot, so not only do you get plain black iced coffee, but other classics like lattes and cappuccinos, as well as blended drinks like frappuccinos. 

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee, on the other hand, is made by soaking the beans in cold or room-temperature water, and yields a drink different to traditional iced coffee.  You can also make any of the standard coffee variations with cold brew as a base, but it will have slightly different results.  

Which One?

Deciding between iced coffee or cold brew depends on what you’re looking for in your coffee, as each has distinguishing qualities.  Cold-brew coffee takes longer to brew and can be a bit more of an involved process, so if you don’t want to dedicate as much time to coffee preparation, you might prefer the more traditional iced coffee.  But on the other hand, cold-brew coffee has a lower acidity content, which brings many health benefits when compared to regular coffee.  Cold brew also tends to be less bitter, making it a better choice if you’re planning to blend it to make something sweet.  

Whichever you prefer, both options are certainly delicious and can be mixed and modified to suit your tastes.  Either way, iced coffee is the perfect accompaniment to a confectionary treat on a hot summer afternoon. We have actually combined the two in our Limited Edition marshmallows made with cold brew coffee! Find them here.

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